“Evangelization is a journey, a process. It is the sharing of one’s experience of how Jesus transformed his/her life and giving witness to the Gospel — who Jesus was, what he did for us, and who he is in our lives today — to help a person come to their own encounter with Jesus. We evangelize by sharing our story as a witness to the Gospel and by the way in which we live our lives.”

Archdiocese of Chicago – Office of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship

Evangelization occurs when an internal transformation occurs in a baptized Christian. The transformation leads to a desire to share personal story in union with Jesus’ story.

We celebrate with the community by coming to a new understanding of our baptism; being contrite and forgiven; and then nourished with the Eucharist. We go back into the world to create new memories and stories; we become active in faith by inviting others to tell their story.

The new evangelizer adopts a new humility, shares in the spiritual poverty of others and strives to become fully human.

We reflect on Jesus Christ’s lasting vitality. We are bold and courageous in professing and proclaiming our faith.

A Courageous Leap of Faith by Fr. Dennis J. Stafford

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