LENT 2021

Visit the St. Theresa Palatine Lent site which provides an abundance of Lenten Resources and activities for individuals and families as we journey to the cross.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered MARCH 29 from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the Church

NOTE: This is the last opportunity that Reconciliation will be offered before Easter.

Here is resource you might find helpful:
How to Make a Good Confession

Join us for Evening of Shadows Sunday, March 28 – at 7:00pm!

(This is a Livestream-only event.)

We reflect on the late hours of the night and the early hours of the morning recalling the Passion and Death of Christ through Scripture, music, silence, and darkness with imagined contemporary accounts of those who were present. As lights are extinguished, we ponder the depth of Christ’s suffering and death. We focus on the one constant light, the light of the Paschal Candle as we anticipate the joy of ultimate victory.

Access the livestream from the parish YouTube channel:

Stations of the Cross are offered every Friday during Lent at 7:00pm in Church.

Sign up is required at https://sttheresachurch.org/reservations-stations-of-the-cross/

If you are unable to join us in person for Stations of the Cross, you can pray from home with this recording…

Join us for the Parish Lenten Mission – March 22, 23, 24 at 7:00pm in Church

Sign-up will be required, and livestreaming will be available. Follow this link to sign up!

Lenten Focus for Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Little Sisters of the Poor – St. Joseph’s Home

The Little Sisters of the Poor mission is the same today as it was when we began over 180 years ago; “to offer the neediest elderly of every race and religion a home where they will be welcomed as Christ, cared for as family and accompanied with dignity until God calls them to Himself.” For over 55 years, St. Joseph’s Home in Palatine, has welcomed the needy elderly of at least 65 years of age regardless of race, gender or religion. We offer a continuum of care from independent apartments through total nursing care, giving our Residents the peace of mind in knowing they will be cared for through the rest of their life.

At the beginning of 2020, from our Motherhouse in France, our Mother General invited each Little Sister in the Congregation to “live with Mary in the Heart of Jesus and to become missionary disciples in the midst of our daily activity”. We could never have imagined how 2020 would unfold, but it did. And it slowly became clear to us that we were called to become “missionaries” by navigating in an environment that was completely foreign to us. We made our way through a global pandemic while holding tightly to the hands of our frail elders and allowing the hand of God to take the lead. Thanks to the grace of God and your support, we survived, but we know it isn’t over.

The coronavirus has indeed changed each one of us; it has chiseled at our hearts as we watch it sap strength from our Residents, as we suffer their isolation with them, as we long to see them reunited with their families. Yet through God’s grace, it has also chiseled away at our hearts for greater openness. Every one of us has had to do more than we thought we ever could. In the newly opened spaces in our hearts, the Holy Spirit pours gifts of courage, fortitude, charity and wisdom whenever we ask for them; whenever we go beyond our own strength or desires and work together to serve others.

Every year our Mother General gives us a theme, a spiritual invitation meant to unite all the Little Sisters throughout the world. For 2021, as the Church celebrates a year of St. Joseph, she encouraged us: “Following St. Joseph’s example, and with the strength that comes from the Spirit, let us adhere with astounding confidence to all that comes to us from God.”

Will you join us in this beautiful spiritual effort?

With “astounding confidence” we ask God to bless you as you work with us to make the lives of our elderly more comfortable.

Thank you so very much.

(Almsgiving boxes may be returned to the church on Palm Sunday.)

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