Mass Reservations

All who wish to attend Mass at St. Theresa will be required to sign-up in advance using this Sign-Up Genius link.

(A Flocknote will be sent when the Sign-Up Genius link is available, sometime Wednesday afternoons for the follow weekend’s Masses.)

PLEASE NOTE: To sign up, you must first check the “Sign Up” box for the Mass you wish to attend and then YOU MUST CLICK “SUBMIT AND SIGN UP” or you will not be registered. After clicking “Submit and Sign Up” you will be prompted for contact info and number and names of family members. Please be sure to complete the entire process. You will receive a confirmation when you have successfully completed the process.

Per archdiocesan safety guidelines and for contact tracing purposes, we need the name of all individuals who will be attending mass. If you are attending by yourself, just fill in your first and last names and the number 1 in the Quantity field. If you are attending as a group/family, have one person from your group sign-up for all members of the group. To do this, that person fills in their first and last names, then lists the first and last names of the other members of the group in the Comment field, and the selects in the Quantity field the total number of individuals in the group.

(NOTE: This is a change from previous instructions indicating that each individual needed to submit his/her own sign up. Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine how mass sign-up works.)

If you have difficulties using Sign-Up Genius, or if someone you know is not able to register online due to a lack of internet access, please call the parish at 847-358-7760 and someone will get back to you to discuss arrangements for you to attend.

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