Parish Staff

Parish Office Phone Number:  847-358-7760

Rev. Timothy J. Fairman, Pastor, ext. 101, email Fr. Tim
Rev. Matthew Jamesson, Associate Pastor, ext. 127, email Fr. Matt
Rev. Tom Bishop, Associate Pastor, ext. 109, email Fr. Tom
Rev. Michael Wanda, Associate Pastor, ext. 118, email Fr. Michael
Tom Galvan, Business Manager, ext. xxx , email Tom Galvan
Laura Kutscher, Music Director, ext. 114, email Laura Kutscher
Nicole Carlisle, Communications Director, ext. 107, email Nicole Carlisle
Marie Paul, Liturgy Coordinator, Parish Administrator for Office of the Protection of Children and Youth, ext. 119, email Marie Paul
Maureen Ross, Youth Ministry Director, ext. 103, email Maureen Ross


  • Deacon Jim and Melody Devine, ext. 113
  • Deacon Andrew and Jennifer Kim
  • Deacon Richard Pizzato, ext. 361
  • Deacon Louis and Ann Riccio, ext. 362
  • Deacon Larry and Karen Schumacher, ext. 363
  • Deacon Greg and Elizabeth Vogt, ext. 364


  • Mary Amirante, Receptionist, ext. 100, email Mary Amirante
  • Kathryn McIntyre, Secretary, ext. 104, email Kathryn McIntyre
  • Jorge Avila, Maintenance
  • Bozena Osiecki, Maintenance
  • Jean Borgardt, Evening Receptionist
  • Kathy O’Brien, Evening Receptionist
  • Jessica Wiseman, Evening Receptionist

       Religious Education Phone Number: 847-359-2846
Elizabeth Vogt, Director of Religious Education, ext. 111, email Elizabeth Vogt
Marsha Jones, Registrar / Adm. Asst., ext. 112, email Marsha Jones

       School Phone Number:  847-359-1820
Mary Keenley, Principal, ext. 202, email Mary Keenley
Terri Kolbus, Director of Admissions, ext. 249, email Terri Kolbus