Prayer for 9/11 Memorial – Palatine, IL

Fr. Matt Jamesson – September 11, 2021 Almighty God, you have made mankind for yourself, with an unquenchable desire within the soul to become a gift of love and to be loved. We give you thanks for the boundless care, which you stretch out to us, to the human race, divided as we are byContinue reading “Prayer for 9/11 Memorial – Palatine, IL”

The Altar Where Earth Is Touched by the Heavenly Jerusalem

THE PILGRIM has an insatiable pull to finding an answer to the disturbing homelessness in his own heart. Like an infant, nothing quite satisfies him. Neither the temperature, nor the food, nor the good company with whom he is surrounded by can finally appreciate the weight of his being, of his unique existence and appetiteContinue reading “The Altar Where Earth Is Touched by the Heavenly Jerusalem”

The Incomprehensible Surprise that Makes Us Walk on Water

“WHEN JESUS BEGAN his ministry he was about thirty years of age…” (Lk. 3:23). Technically, so was I, and that is perhaps the extent to which I can compare myself with Jesus. I was ordained a few days after my 30th birthday, on May 17th, 2014. You can imagine my excitement after realizing that IContinue reading “The Incomprehensible Surprise that Makes Us Walk on Water”