Happy New Year! As we all want to do this time of year, we frequently make resolutions to get us motivated in making this year better than the year before. If you are the type of person who likes to make commitments for the new year, might I suggest a few that pertain to our spiritual lives and St. Theresa Parish?

  • Pray more often. Find an opportunity to pray each day. If you are morning person, pray at that time, if you are the opposite, then pray in the evening. Routine is the key here. The more time we can spend in prayer the better, and you will reap the positive results in just about every facet of your life as well! I also encourage you to explore different prayer forms too. The Mass, rosary, adoration, novenas, meditation, Lectio Divina, Taize, Liturgy of the Hours and more are all beneficial ways for us to draw ourselves closer in communion with God.
  • Participate in the sacramental life of the Church. Attend Mass regularly. Receive the Eucharist as often as possible. Ask yourself this question: when was the last time I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation? What’s holding me back? Again, the sacraments are Jesus’ gift to us and their benefits impact our whole lives!
  • St. Theresa is your spiritual home. Make use of it! We offer all kinds of spiritual, social and service oriented opportunities to be engaged in parish life, whether as a participant or an organizer. We are here to serve you. In a world that seems to draw one further and further into isolation, our parish provides an opportunity to form communion as one family of faith.
  • Please support all that we do in the parish financially. Your donations go to providing the ministries and activities that make our parish the home that it is. We cannot do it without your support, as we are completely dependent on your generosity to make ends meet. Please continue to support our parish so that we can continue to do what we do. There is much to be excited about here at St. Theresa! And we need your continued support to make it all happen. Thank you! We are also encouraging people who work to find out if your place of employment offers matching grants for donations to St. Theresa Parish and/or School. That way your generosity can be extended that much further!

God bless you all!

Fr. Tim

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