Let Us Pray…

Dear Friends,

Every once in awhile, I get asked by people what they should be praying for. This week I thought I’d provide a short list of some of the things that are on my mind in regards to the need for prayer. This list is certainly not exhaustive, just a few ideas that I hope might help focus your prayer as we continue our Easter Season:

  • For world peace – we have been praying for this for as long as humanity has inhabited the world, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attend to this in prayer. The more people pray for this intention, the more likely it is peace will one day reign in our troubled world.
  • For an end to violence – there is way too much of this in the world right now, from war, to terrorism to crime.
  • For a respect for all life from conception until natural death. Enough said.
  • For our president and leaders of government around the world – that they may know God’s will and act on it and be attentive to justice and service for all the people in their care.
  • For our Holy Father, Pope Francis – I can think of no more challenging a job then being the spiritual leader of one billion Catholics as well as a voice of Christ’s love in the world.
  • For Cardinal Cupich and other bishops who lead dioceses around the world – that they may shepherd the people in their care well.
  • For our men and women who serve this country in the military, in gratitude for that service and that they might be kept safe from harm, and for all veterans who find the transition back to civilian life difficult and challenging.
  • For our brave men and women who are first responders, that they too may be kept safe from harm.
  • For an increase in vocations to ordained ministry and the religious life – particularly in the increasingly secularized society we live in which doesn’t support this calling like it used to.
  • For a greater appreciation of the presence of Jesus Christ in our midst – and a return to the sacraments for many who have wandered away.
  • For the poor and needy – that their needs might be attended to and that they might be able to sustain themselves in their difficult journey of life.
  • For the sick and suffering – may they be healed of their afflictions and know God’s comfort and peace in their lives.
  • For those suffering from mental and physical disabilities and challenges – may they and their families know God’s healing presence.
  • For senior citizens who reside in nursing homes and other skilled care facilities – that they may not know loneliness.
  • For young people – that they actively engage in their faith and that the Holy Spirit guides them on a path to what is right and good.
  • For the happy repose of the souls of all those who have died.
  • For the Renew My Church process we are currently engaged in with St. Colette, Misión San Juan Diego and St. Thomas of Villanova parishes, that the Holy Spirit might inspire us to make good choices for the future of our grouping… no matter the difficulty such choices might entail.

One of the other things that people ask me to pray for is their favorite sports teams. My response is usually something along the lines of “God has more important things to attend to than the wins or losses of sports competitions…” but what I think is fair to ask for is that God help our athletes to perform to the best of their abilities, so let’s pray that God assists players on the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox to be the best athletes they can be on a day to day basis! 🙂

Finally, I encourage every person to always offer a prayer of gratitude to God for all the gifts we have been given, because despite life’s many challenges, we truly are a blest people.

Enjoy the week and may God bless you all.

Fr. Tim

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